5 Habits I Learned Before the Age of 30

5 Habits I Learned Before the Age of 30

Habits I Learned Before the Age of 30

Am sure that all of us went through different stages in life and every stage had an age to consider. Yet, in my early twenties I used to hear many people saying that the real deal is when you reach your 30’s.

Based on my own personal experience, approaching my 30th birthday isn’t something exciting, “you know ladies enemy is always their age” but I can certainly confirm the habits I have learned throughout my personal & professional growth that will make my new chapter a successful one for sure:

Respect Time:

I start my article with this in purpose, as I consider it the hardest and the most vital, since am personally still struggling with it. It is an absolute art to master your time and involve deadlines even for your personal activities or daily “To Do” List. How many times we hear “Time is precious”, and yes , it is precious indeed and every minute count and can never ever come back , so you better figure out how you can make it worth living.

Be Selective :

One day my mum took my phone away for a week to give me a lesson that didn’t understand at that time. Yes, there is no harm to be selective in choosing your friends and know who they are, where they come from. A huge Facebook list or massive twitter followers would not be that effective, as I would rather have selection of people and develop that network in a healthy way, than having 1K and 90% useless. STOP the marathon of collecting random friends & contacts, trust me I won’t help!

Create a brand not a CV:

I still remember when I just started my first job , my CV had one page with one work experience as a part time cashier, I was so worried. Now my CV is 6 pages length and frankly I do not need it anymore, as you reach a stage where you become a brand of your own-self and people will hire you or deal with you based on what they have heard about you from others. Try to focus more on your own reputation and skills diversity to make your name your own “Brand”, rather than depending on a CV.

Plan For Next Step:

It is unfortunate when I meet friends or ex-colleagues after long time and know that they are still stuck in same business, company, place, position, life style …etc. I strongly believe that loyalty is important, but not all the time the right thing to consider. I find myself in so many occasions acting selfish trying to learn & try different things as much as I can, because later on, it will be hard or not as exciting as it sounds now to do at this very moment. Have that motive that drives you to the next step whether it is a business idea, moving to new place …etc. Just don’t be a slave to one thing forever!

Stay Humble:

The more we grow successfully in our professional life, we tend to start acting differently. Some people might call it “Attitude”, but I would certainly call it “Wisdom”. If you want to keep the balance between kindness and wisdom , try to stay HUMBLE and give that comfort feeling to others. I still remember one day I was so mad at our CEO , who used to be very approachable and very friendly in the beginning , yet with more responsibilities and goals to accomplish he started avoiding social interactions as before and we took it so personal. But after years of experiences and finding myself in the same shoe, I mean not as a CEO “I wish”, I start preferring quietness and be more careful with everything I say or do.

This year I decided to welcome my 30’s in the best way possible and avoid any bad old habits that can stop me from reaching the TOP!

P.S : Don’t forget to wish me a Happy Birthday

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