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March 30, 2014


Business Networkng

How many times have you heard the phrase “it’s all who you know”?  In all parts of the world, someone knows someone who knows someone.  Sometimes you need a service completed and you don’t know who to go to or who to trust.  So you utilize your contacts and you ask for a referral from a friend or colleague.  You network.

The power of networking cannot be underestimated.  You should always be on the lookout for an opportunity to network with another person or another company. You can make contacts all over the world and the more contacts you have, the bigger your network can grow. That is clearly evident with the power of social media. You can post on one of your social media accounts for assistance and chances are someone will reach out to you and assist or at least offer you some guidance.

You can network in so many different ways, even when you don’t even know that you are networking. For instance, you can assist someone in a particular area of need and provide them with the answers they seek while delivering great customer service and they are very likely to tell their friends about you. Our company is in the business of assisting clients to setup a business and if we achieve this while exceeding their expectations and providing them with a positive experience, they are likely to refer us to people they know who are looking for similar services.

I live my life by looking at everything as an experience and I try to get the most out of everything I do. You never know who you are going to meet and who you may be able to network with. You can be riding the metro and speaking to the person next to you and impress them so much, they might offer you a dream job that you weren’t even looking for. And it was all because you took the moment to be courteous and respectful and you made an impression on them. Networking is more than just posting on your social network or taking out an advertisement in your local newspaper. It also involves taking advantage of the opportunities placed in front of you, taking a moment to have a conversation with someone and providing an experience that goes above and beyond their expectations. When you do this, then you are networking and that’s the greatest kind of advertising because it is free and all you did was be yourself.

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Henri Hazougi

Henri was born and raised in Lebanon and studied at University of Saint Joseph. He is an avid fan of extreme sports and RC car racing. He is fluent in French and Arabic, he has traveled extensively throughout the region and Europe for both for leisure and business.

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