Department of Economic Development (DED)


The Department of Economic Development (DED) is the responsible government entity for issuing all licenses for corporate entities or individuals who desire to carry out business in the mainland of Dubai outside the free zones. A DED licensed enterprise is often known as a “local company”. In an effort to facilitate doing business in Dubai, DED acts as a one window service centre for all local companies.

For many SME’s, getting a local license works out as a preferred option because you can open an office anywhere in Dubai. For certain business activities, you will have no choice but to open a locally licensed company. However, unlike a free zone, you cannot own 100% of the company and will require a local sponsor (UAE National) or local service agent based on the activity that you choose.

Not having full ownership of your company occasionally pushes foreign investors into setting up a free zone company, but a professional business incorporator can show you how to minimize your risks and maximize your business.

We have teamed up with one of the most reputable and dependable local company incorporators in Dubai to provide a variety of solutions to our clients.

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DED Sponsorship Services

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  • No capital is required for a local Dubai license.
  • Free zone business license and visa costs are cheaper, but it legally restricts you to work within free zones and international regions only - with a local license, you can have clients from anywhere in UAE as well as internationally.
  • Only viable option for many types of business.
  • You can open your office anywhere in Dubai (fewer geographic restrictions)
  • A locally licensed businesses can be run from a business center.