Earning While Learning: UAE Work Permits for Students

UAE Work Permits for Students

Earning While Learning: UAE Work Permits for Students

UAE Work Permits for Students

Are you a student aged between 12-18 desiring to work in the UAE? You can now obtain a work permit for training and part time and temporary roles in the UAE private sector with written consent!

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation has issued a decree that enables both local and foreign students to train and fill in positions in the private sector while they study. Citizen and non-citizen students applying for a permit will be granted similar rights to an individual working full time in the private sector.

This decision has been welcomed positively by parents and corporates as it legitimises and standardises students’ rights and ability to work.

Multi-fold effects of the decree

  • It will enable companies to recruit fresh new talent and help their own graduate recruitment programmes.
  • It would help students apply what learn in college to real-life situations early on in their career.
  • Parents seem excited about how this move will making their kids’ future career transitions much easier, instil a sense of responsibility in them and teach them to spend wisely.
  • Students recognize that having work experience is also a great way to experience various career options without actually committing to any one of them and building a network for future employment.

UAE Work Permits: The Costs

  • AED 500: A permit for students to work on a project with a completion period not exceeding six months.
  • AED 500: A temporary permit for part time work can also be granted for a period not exceeding one year.
  • AED 500: A juvenile work permit to employ those aged between 15 and 18 for a period not exceeding one year.
  • Permits can be requested from the Tas’heel service centres or through the ministry’s smartphone application.

UAE Work Permits: The Rules

  • Students cannot work more than six hours a day, with one or more hours of rest to eat, or pray.
  • They should also not be made to work for more than four consecutive hours.

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