When Life Goes Left, Go Right?

When Life Goes Left, Go Right?

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How many of us wonder which direction we should take, or shall we just go with the flow?

When life goes left, go right

On a daily basis, more than 1600 people die on their desks from working too hard, stressing themselves and pushing themselves to the extreme. It turns to be an epidemic nowadays, we starve ourselves to death to lose weight, we work aggressively too hard to succeed etc.  We are a generation that “over-do” everything to become perfect.

In fact, we totally forget that we are humans and we can never ever be perfect, and that is the key is when we take that moment and look at ourselves with satisfaction, embracing our own failures and flaws with no regrets, because we are not PERFECT.

I still remember 2014 and all the hardships I faced non-stop in my professional and personal life. I lost my job three times, in three different scenarios which triggered a terrifying personal financial crisis, considering that I am the only support for my family back home. I had to accept any job to just get a new residency visa under a new employer and get my new visa validated to legally stay in the country.  I missed so many family occasions and celebrations, I even forgot to blow my birthday candle. However, there was a voice inside me that kept saying “You will be just okay” and yes, at beginning of 2015 I have a great job opportunity where I am learning new things and trying to find my happiness, rather than let life challenges consume me and kill my dreams by over-thinking or over-stressing myself about things that I can’t control.

To anyone right now, feeling that life is getting harder and harder, remember that with a little hope,  with that little belief in yourself ,  eventually you will find the right direction.

Remember, when there is a will, there is a way…

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