How to Set Up Your New Office in Dubai

set up office in dubai

How to Set Up Your New Office in Dubai

Whether you’re an entrepreneur running a start-up, or you’re just looking for a business set up in Dubai, setting up an office can be very exciting for everyone involved. A new office usually means you’re moving into a bigger space and buying new furniture that will set the atmosphere of your company. Yes, how you set up your office will affect the vibe and atmosphere of the place, which will then in turn affect the productivity of all employees.

Location, Location, Location

There are plenty of commercial areas in Dubai so finding a location isn’t difficult, but an issue you will face is the kind of license you carry. For example, if you apply for a business license/trade license through Dubai Multi Commodities Centre Authority (DMCCA) you need to find an office in the commercial space of Jumeirah Lake Towers. Once you’ve sorted out the legal requirements you need to follow, you need to choose a building or office that will suit your company.

Get some space

The size of your office is really important for so many reasons! One, you need to make sure there’s room for everybody and for everything such as storage space for products, or space to hold meetings. Plus, the size of the office also determines how many people you’re allowed to sponsor and give visas to. So if you have 10 employees, you can’t squeeze them all in a tiny office. Also, keep in mind that by law you’re required to have adequate workspaces for every employee, so ensure everyone has some space!

Where do I sit?

It can be easy to skimp out on buying furniture and décor for your office, but you should understand that it’s very important for everyone’s productivity that you don’t! Buy comfortable chairs and high-quality equipment to avoid problems in the future. Just like a business, invest right initially and it’ll pay off in the long run. Of course, you should still be reasonable, but the type of décor you buy and how you arrange it will create the overall work environment. Look in places like IKEA or even Dragon Mart to find good deals while also maintaining a certain level of quality and comfort. When you’re out shopping, think of what kind of culture you want for your company. You can create separate spaces for people away from each other if you feel that’s the type of company you are, or you can opt for bullpen-type furniture to keep everyone close and create a brainstorming bubble. There is no right way of furnishing, it just depends on your style.

Do it quick, do it fast, do it right

Although you need to take time to think through what you want for your office because you’re going to be in for the long haul, you can’t spend too much time on it. Time is money, and you have to remain operational! Arrange to go shopping over the weekend and pay the extra fee to have it delivered right away. You might also want to look into hiring a handyman in Dubai to help with assembling your furniture and putting up things like frames or repairing lights in your new office. If you will be moving offices, and have furniture you’d like to keep you’ll need to hire professional Dubai movers who will be able to handle a commercial move. It’s important to look into which moving company to hire because you need to ensure that nothing is damaged and that they’re competent enough to handle the moving of CCTVs, servers, fragile equipment, and documents. The last thing you need is someone damaging expensive equipment or jumbling up important documents.

Is there anything else we missed in this checklist? Let us know in the comments!

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