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No matter the area of your business, you want to make the most of the UAE’s free zones, don’t you? However, you may have a hard time complying with all the requirements out there, considering that each free zone has its own regulations. With us, this will never be a problem!


BSC specialists will help you determine the proper company type so that you can benefit from 100% ownership, substantial tax exemptions, and hassle-free capital repatriation. We will apply for a suitable operating license and submit all required documents to the authorities on your behalf. Plus, we will take care of all pre-approvals, so you don’t even need to lift a finger.

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Make sure you hire the best business setup consultants in Dubai. With BSC, your path to business success will be hassle-free.

Business Set Up Process

Business setup in Dubai is the most cost-effective way when you select us as your UAE company setup partner. The complete business registration process will take as little as 24 hours! You just need to provide the relevant information and we take care of the rest.


Trade Name

Start your business by selecting a trade name you have previously reserved or beging with a new trade name.


Business Activities

Select the primary and secondary activities that your business will be conducting. Please note the secondary activities are optional.


Initial Partner Details

Select the number and nationalities of your partners if you have any, if not skip this step.


Legal Type

Compare and select the legal type that is most suitable for you, if you notice a legal type is not available to you, it means that you are not applicable to select them based on your previous selections.


License Type

Compare and select the license type that is most suitable for you, if you notice a license type is not available to you, it means that you are not applicable to select them based on your previous selections.


License Details

Enter the respective details of your license, this will include location details if applicable, capital amounts, number of shares and company duration. You can also select add-ons for your business including establishment cards and automatic bank account registration.


Partner Details

Enter the respective details of each of your partners, local service agents or managers. Be ready to input their address details, contact details, personal identification numbers (EID, Passport number, UID) their roles in the company, and the % ownership share.


Initial Approval

For some licenses you will require an initial approval to proceed. Initial approval certificates are also required should you wish to register a new business location (Ejari) for your business.



For some licenses you will need to input location details. These can be locations of existing businesses (shared) in which you need the license number or New locations which you need to register with your initial approval certificate.


Legal Documents

Send your legal documents, either MOA, Service contracts, Civil contracts for signing by respective stakeholders. Please make sure they register on IID to sign virtually.


Final License

Receive your final license and respective documents to operate your business. All documents you receive will then be stored in your document locker on your dashboard.


Additional Approvals

For some licenses, external entities require additional approvals to operate. Submit the required documents and wait to get feedback from an agent when approved.

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Are you courageous enough to follow the lead of the most successful people and take the entrepreneurship plunge? Then you couldn’t find a better place to do that than the UAE. The country boasts one of the fastest-growing economies in the world and is developing so rapidly that all big-name business owners wish they established their branches here earlier. Nevertheless, the process of company formation in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Fujairah, or any other UAE’s emirate may be maze-like, leaving budding entrepreneurs tied up in knots. This is where Business Setup Consultants (BSC) come in.


If you have a grand idea and are looking to turn it into a business setup in Dubai, we are at your service. BSC is a team of highly experienced, dedicated consultants who aim to make things far easier for would-be entrepreneurs in the UAE. Our PRO services cover everything from document preparation to checking with the authorities and helping with visa applications. Thus, getting teamed up with our business consultants in Dubai is about seizing the golden opportunity to focus on what matters to you while leaving all the intricacies of company formation to professionals.

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