What it takes to be a Freelance Photographer in Dubai

What it takes to be a Freelance Photographer in Dubai

What it takes to be a Freelance Professional Photographer in Dubai

Do you remember the year, where it seemed like every other person owned a fancy DSLR or EOS camera? I do.

However, some people actually found a passion during that time. They honed their skills, found their interests, and continue to pursue photography in any way possible. Some as a hobby, or if they’re lucky, as freelance work.

What Do You Need To Become A Freelance Dubai Photographer ?

Be Passionate

You need to love the art form to be successful. A career in photography isn’t easy to be successful in, so there will be a lot of hurdles along the way that you’ll need to have the motivation to jump over. 

Don’t get into it thinking you’ll make a quick buck. It’ll be a long time before you can start charging a premium for your services. Also be true to your own style. Every successful artist in every media has their own style, and that’s what makes them stand out from the rest.

Be social:

Being social in this industry will take you places. Other than what you already expect to hear about the benefits of word-of-mouth, being social means you have more venues to be able to showcase your talent. Take photos at parties and events! Become the resident photographer at your favourite hangouts, and share on your social media accounts. 

Allow people to tag themselves in your photos, and build your network through events you’re photographing at. You’ll be enhancing your skills while you’re doing something you love, and that will eventually turn into an actual business lead. Becoming more social also gives you access to friends who would enjoy modelling for you – for free!

Be prepared to make investments:

In any business you need to make investments to get a return in the long-run. Aside from spending on professional equipment you will need along the way such as new lenses, you need to invest your time. 

When doing freelance work on the side of a regular job (DEWA won’t pay itself), it all may become really overwhelming but you need to put in place a stringent schedule for yourself. Take time to do courses, get certified, and continuously strive to improve. It takes time, but it’ll pay off.

Be smart:

You need to become virtually fluent in copyright laws, releases, and contracts to protect yourself and your work. It also goes without saying that you need to factor in the culture values of the United Arab Emirates for your commercial work.

Build your brand:

Build or buy a website for yourself. Start out small with a WordPress or Tumblr blog which is for free, then once it’s gained some popularity you can buy the domain. You could even start out as a Facebook Page if you’re more comfortable with that platform too. 

You would be able to easily build a fan base on Facebook and get your name out there. That’s how Humans of New York started, and look where it is now! It’s still a good idea to have a personal website showcasing your portfolio though to use in a professional context with prospective clients.

Freelance Photography Services Dubai UAE

Dubai’s dynamic landscape demands a diverse range of professional photography services. Here’s how a freelance photography service can cater to your specific needs:

Portrait Photography

  • Family Portraits: Capture timeless memories of your loved ones against Dubai’s iconic backdrops, be it the golden sands of the desert or the city’s dazzling skyline.
  • Executive Headshots: Elevate your professional brand with polished headshots that exude confidence and expertise. Perfect for executives, entrepreneurs, and social media profiles.
  • Maternity Shoots: Celebrate the wonder of motherhood with captivating maternity portraits that document this precious stage in a luxurious and stylish setting.

Event Photography

  • Wedding photography: Preserve the magic of your Dubai wedding with a stunning photoshoot that captures the emotions, elegance, and cultural nuances of your special day.
  • Corporate Events or Functions: From product launches and award ceremonies to galas and conferences, I ensure your event’s energy and professionalism are flawlessly documented.
  • Conferences and Speaking Engagements: Let me showcase your expertise and the impact of your conference or speaking engagement with high quality images for future marketing materials.

Architectural Photography

  • Iconic Landmarks: Dubai boasts a breathtaking architectural landscape. I can capture the grandeur of the Burj Khalifa, the intricate details of the Sheikh Zayed Road, or any other landmark you desire, highlighting their unique design and place within the city’s ever-evolving skyline.
  • Real Estate Photography: Attract potential buyers with captivating photographs that showcase the architectural beauty, interior design, and stunning views of your property.

Product or Commercial Photography

  • Luxury Fashion photography: Stunning images are crucial for showcasing the intricate details, textures, and elegance of Dubai’s renowned fashion scene. I can create captivating product photographs that highlight the craftsmanship and appeal of your fashion line.
  • E-Commerce Photography: Enhance your online presence with high-quality product photography that showcase your jewelry, clothing, or other merchandise in a visually compelling manner, boosting sales conversions.
  • Food Photography: Elevate your restaurant’s menus and social media platforms with mouthwatering food photography that captures the essence and enticing details of your culinary creations.

Food Styling and Photography Package

In addition to capturing delectable photographs, I can also offer a comprehensive food styling service for an additional fee. This service includes creative plate arrangements, prop selection, and background design, ensuring your food photography stands out from the crowd.

Connect with the Right Consultancy

Want to start your freelance photography business in Dubai? Our expert business setup consultants streamline the process. We’ll help you choose the right legal structure, secure licenses, and ensure compliance with local regulations. Let us handle the paperwork so you can focus on capturing Dubai’s magic through your lens.

If you want to setup your own photography business in Dubai, contact us today . We can help you get photography license in Dubai.

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