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We are proud to offer bank account introductions with reputable banks in the United Arab Emirates.
Bank Account Opening
Open Bank Account in UAE

Requirements to Open Dubai Bank Account

Global transparency initiatives oblige the UAE Central Bank to enact enhanced customer due diligence procedures on financial institutions to open accounts in the country. Requirements can significantly vary based on the customer; however, these are typically documents you will need to supply:


  • Official company documents (Trade License, Certificate of Incorporation, Share Certificates, Articles of Association)
  • Identification documents of the shareholders and information about the manager
  • A board resolution authorizing the company to open a bank account
  • A letter of recommendation by another bank or proof of address for each shareholder (applicable only in some instances)
Opening Dubai Bank Account

Best UAE Business Bank Account Opening Service

As with all financial services, bank account opening is not automatic nor guaranteed. UAE banks have different client-acceptance policies and may reject clients from certain countries or with certain types of businesses. Please speak to our consultants to assess if we can provide services to your business.

Do I need to maintain a minimum balance for my corporate bank account in the United Arab Emirates?

Banks in the UAE have different minimum balance requirements. If the minimum balances are not maintained, the bank can charge additional fees. Some banks have promotional offers for new account holders. A corporate bank account is typically open in a couple of days, but if there are other requirements, the period might prolong up to several weeks.

Do I receive online banking services for corporate accounts in the United Arab Emirates?

Corporate bank accounts in the UAE can be accessed at any time with the help of online banking and mobile applications. This means that you can transfer money no matter where you are, verify transactions and account balance at any time you wish. If you are interested in foreign currency accounts, you should ask the bank for such services and see if you are subject to additional requirements.

Are you able to open bank accounts in other jurisdictions?

We have a network of partners across a variety of jurisdictions. If you need banking services in other locations, please ask one of our consultants.
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