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We take pride ourselves on offering unbeatable customer service across multiple channels with a highly knowledgeable Dubai based team.
About Business Setup Consultants
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Genuine Customer Focused Experience for Our Clients

Business Setup Consultants was created in order to provide a genuine ‘customer-focused’ experience for our clients.  We have an expansive range of services all of which are offered efficiently and economically.  Our staff have many years of experience within the UAE and specifically within the Business Setup Services sector.


With Business Set Up Consultants you can rest assured that your experience will be hassle-free and handled with the utmost professionalism.  Our client services are of the highest standards and each of our clients feels like they are our ONLY client.


With just one call all of your business problems can be solved.  Choose Business Setup Consultants, YOUR premier business setup provider.

We Work Closely With Government Entities
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Make sure you hire the best business setup consultants in Dubai. With BSC, your path to business success will be hassle-free.

Why Business Setup Consultants?

There are many companies in UAE which offer business solutions. Two main criteria separates the good from the bad.

  • Honesty – we will always be 100% open and honest regarding any fees and charges.   Unlike many of our competitors we won’t attempt to hide fees or overcharge on government costs just to increase profit, we believe in complete transparency. We also won’t advertise any services for a ‘special’ cost which is lower than the amount you have to pay. Saying a service costs ‘from’ AED 5,000 when we know it costs AED 7,500 is not only dishonest but it creates the wrong impression. We always provide provide our client’s complete set of receipts so that the actual costs and fees are clear transparent.


  • Service – a company is measured by the satisfaction of its clients.  At Business Setup Consultants we don’t want our clients just to be satisfied, we want them to be delighted!  We will happily go the extra mile to ensure that each client receives the highest level of service and the most straightforward, hassle-free experience.  If our clients aren’t happy then we aren’t happy.