How to Help Your New Employees for Relocation to Dubai

Employees for Relocation to Dubai

How to Help Your New Employees for Relocation to Dubai

Hiring new employees for your new business in Dubai is so time consuming! Especially when everyone wants to work here in Dubai! You need to sift through hundreds of resumes, spend a significant amount of money with a recruitment agency, and spend hours doing interviews to find that one gem. But when you do find the one, it’s all worth it in terms of your business.

Advantages of hiring diverse people

The best thing about hiring people for your Dubai based business is that you get to meet people from all around the world, who have great international experiences. Bringing the best talent together in one company is known to have positive results for a business. These people have a global mind-set which enables them to work well with different cultures, and know how to incorporate business practices that works for everyone. They’re also super flexible, which as a new company you should look for because you need to get the business up and running which requires more dedication from employees as well as openness to take on new challenges. Putting together a diverse group for your company creates a bubble of energy with creative, new and different ideas for everyone to learn from. Ultimately, that is the way businesses succeed.
How to help your employees with the moving process

Once you’ve selected your new employees, you need to take on the burden of dealing with PROs in Dubai and getting all the legal paperwork dealt with. This process can be very overwhelming for the employer as well as the employee because of all the tests and formalities you need to go through. The first thing you need to do to help your new employee is to stay calm and organized. Staying organized automatically speeds up the visa processes. Also, make multiple copies! Just a couple at least, and document everything! Next, you should provide your employee with a ticket to Dubai. It depends on your company but you should try to compensate their move as much as financially possible. If you will be paying for the employee’s move you should do some of your own research and find a company that will provide the best service at a reasonable cost. You can look for movers in Dubai or do some extra digging and find a mover in the employee’s home country who will be able to handle the move. Once they’ve moved to Dubai, you need to take steps to help them and their families adjust into Dubai life.

How to help your employees adjust to life in Dubai

Help by finding schools for your employee’s kids, helping them find a house, and arranging for transportation. Aside from that you should take the time to show them around the city and take them out. It would also be a great way for your team to informally meet the new member to establish relationships as making new friends is one the most difficult thing to do for new expats. You should also help them become familiar with important things such as banks, utility bills, and legal processes of doing everyday things.

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