How to Start an Online Business in Dubai?

Start Online Business in Dubai

How to Start an Online Business in Dubai?

Online business is thriving around the world, and there has been a tremendous upsurge lately due to the COVID pandemic. In Dubai, there is a real opportunity to benefit from online business by taking advantage of the relatively low bureaucracy that prevails.

In addition, with appropriate guidance and good support, you can actually obtain without much delay an operating business license.

Thus, you can be a key actor in this prosperous marketplace.

Starting an Online Business in Dubai

Starting an online business in Dubai requires making key decisions in the right direction:

Setting up your online business on the mainland or in a free zone?

  • In the first case (Dubai Mainland), your trading operations will focus exclusively on the internal UAE market; and you have the right to take on contracts from the government.
  • Regarding the second choice (Dubai Free Zone), you can benefit from UAE’S free tax rate, as well as being exempt from full customs tax. Moreover, there are no particular restrictions on currency, while you have the authorization to repatriate the entirety of your profit and capital.

The name of your company

For some, this could seem to be an unimportant step. However, it is important to respect the conservative mores and cultures that dominate in this part of the world. Therefore, it is recommended to abstain from using any controversial or offensive name that could be viewed as an insult or transgression of Islamic religion or traditions. On the other hand, in case you prefer to register your name next to your company name, it is imperative to use it in full. However, make sure that it is available for registration.

Formalities for your Business License Application

Again, you have two choices: if your objective is establishing a business in a free zone, then you can apply via the designated area; however, if your aim is the mainland, then you should address either the municipality or the Department of Economic Development in the chosen Emirate. Either way, the required papers are passport copies and a full application form with the right documentation.

Nevertheless, this step is sometimes quite intricate as certain unforeseen errors or neglected omissions could lead to unpleasant consequences. Therefore, it is advised to seek the counseling of a company formation expert.

Start a Business in the UAE

It is generally allowed to start a business in the UAE without residing, but if you decide to relocate then it is required to obtain your visa. Eventually, the number of visas you need for your staff pertains to your business size and its location. As for your family members and household personnel, the visa process is straightforward if they meet the criteria of eligibility.

  • Some ideas for online business choices in Dubai
  • Opening an online store: the ecosystem of digital business keeps expanding and the market worth is evaluated in billions of dollars. Thus, once you have the license and internet access you can choose the items or products that will draw customers to your site.
  • Among the other areas you can specialize in and find prosperity are Social Media Influencer, Online Tutoring/Education/ Web designing-development/Selling online marketing services. There are lucrative opportunities in all these areas when you have the right skills – and tools – to target your potential public customers.

Cost of Starting an Online Business in Dubai

Finally, the cost of starting an online business in Dubai depends on several factors, especially the size and staff of your business and the number of offices that you need. In the meantime, be informed that free zone business is often most-favored because of the minimal costs it necessitates.

Note: Calculate your business setup costs in 1 minute with our Cost Calculator.

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