Interior Design Company Formation in Dubai – Business Setup UAE

Interior Design Company Dubai

Interior Design Company Formation in Dubai – Business Setup UAE

It is no secret that the UAE is one of the wealthiest nations in the world. With immense wealth comes immense modernization in various fields. In this case, Dubai is counted among some of the most advanced cities in the field of interior design and architecture. Needless to say, this fact attracts and motivates many interior designers to start an interior design company in Dubai in order to display their skills in the premier category.

How to Start an Interior Design Company in Dubai?

If you are one of the people who want to start an interior design company in the UAE, then you are at the right place! Following is a complete guide on how to start an interior design business in Dubai.

Reserving a Trade Name for Your Business Setup in UAE

Your first step should be to shortlist a few names for your interior design company. Thereafter, submit the selected names to the relevant authorities and wait for the approval. Choose your trading name carefully, and don’t violate any guidelines of the said authority.

Finalizing Company’s Location and Structure

If you wish to be the sole proprietor of your interior design business, then you should select a location in one of the free zones in Dubai. Thereafter, you’ll need a local sponsor in order to obtain your business license from the DED.

Renting an Office Space for an Interior Design Company

After finalizing a location, you’ll need to find a suitable office space for your interior design company. Your tenancy agreement will be required for your license approval. Renting an office is quite beneficial because you can easily shift when you want.

Obtaining Company Business License

You need a legal license to run any kind of business in the UAE. In order to obtain a business license for your interior design company in the UAE at affordable costs and a minimum amount of time, you can hire a business solution specialist.

Getting Additional Approvals for an Interior Design Company

An interior design company involves different business activities. For a risk-free functioning of your company, you’ll need to get additional approvals for any business activity that is not specified under the permit of your license.

Managing Visas

If you decide to come with your family or hire any employees to help with your interior design company in Dubai, you’ll need multiple visas for them as well. Make sure to follow all the guidelines and apply them according to the relevant jurisdiction.

Opening a Corporate Bank Account for Your UAE Company

Once you’re done with all of the above-mentioned steps, and you have your business license, your last step should be to open a corporate bank account for your interior design company. Make sure to choose a bank that inclines with your business requirements.

Once you’re done with that, voila! Now you have your own interior design business in the UAE.

Final Thoughts

Starting your own business in Dubai might seem impossible at first, but if you have the right resources and you follow the accurate procedure without breaking any law, it is not that hard. And once you’re done with it, it will be worth it. Call us at +971-4-4301245 or email us at for any further information regarding your business setup in the UAE.


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