Starting a Business in Dubai UAE

starting a business in dubai

Starting a Business in Dubai UAE

How to Start a Business in Dubai – Making a Sound Investment

Starting a business in Dubai involves an extensive procedure of document processing and application submission. For investors who are looking to establish a foothold in the highly progressive City of Gold, setting up a business in the city provides a unique opportunity for success. 

Growth in the sectors of tourism and trade has driven the local economy into becoming one of the fastest-growing markets in the world. With local trade figuring as a major driver of the economy, small business, SME and medium-sized businesses play a particularly important role in the growth and prosperity of the city.

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Benefits of Starting a Business in Dubai

  • Strategic location – Dubai is a global hub with easy access to markets in Africa, the Middle East, Europe and Asia.
  • Strong infrastructure – World-class facilities, airports, ports, and roads make Dubai highly attractive.
  • Stable economy – Low inflation and a stable currency pegged to the dollar offer security.
  • UAE government supports – Initiatives like free zones with 100% business ownership make startups easier.
  • Global talent pool – Cosmopolitan population from over 200 nationalities to hire from.
  • Quality of life – High standard of living, safety, and amenities for residents. Great place to live and work.
  • Tourism hub – A large influx of leisure and business tourists provides a built-in consumer base.
  • Free trade zones – No restrictions on capital repatriation or currency exchange for firms in free zones.
  • Access to funding – Local banks and international institutions are keen to fund SMEs and startups.
  • Business-friendly laws – No restrictions on FDI. Allows full foreign ownership outside free zones too.
  • Growing consumer market – Increasing purchasing power among the United Arab Emirates population and ex-pats.

Starting a Business from the Ground Up

When it comes to starting a company, the first step to consider is developing a business plan . A comprehensive plan should include a formal and detailed statement of the goals you wish to achieve with your venture, the rationale behind their attainability, and your strategy for achieving such goals. In order to determine the format and the content featured in your plan, you must first determine the people to whom you will be presenting it. 

For non-profit organizations, it is important to identify the synergy between the plan and the overall mission of the organization. The plan must be designed to fulfill the long-term objectives of the non-profit.

A plan must also be financially sound in order to qualify for a bank loan, giving financial institutions ample reason to believe that the organization will have the capability to fulfill its loan repayments in due time. While it does not determine the success or failure of a proposition, the risk of setting up a business can be significantly reduced with the help of a sound long-term plan.

Start Your Business in Dubai in Just 5 Steps

how to start a business in dubai
  1. Select the right business structure:

    In Dubai, you can operate as a sole proprietorship, limited liability company (LLC), a branch of an existing overseas firm or set up in a free zone. Weigh factors like ownership flexibility, liability and ease of registration. LLCs limit personal liability but involve complex procedures, while the free zone company allows 100% foreign ownership and quick company formation. Consider your long-term plans when choosing.
  2. Obtain licenses and visas:

    You’ll need to register your entity and apply for relevant licenses. Before starting operations, every company in Dubai must obtain the appropriate business license from the Department of Economic Development based on the business activity.  For instance, all companies require a trade license from the Department of Economic Development. Hiring expat staff also means sponsoring their work residence visas. A major advantage of establishing a freezone company in Dubai is the ability to fast-track licensing and registration procedures through a single window. Consult reputable agencies to handle formalities smoothly.
  3. Secure office premises:

    Office space in Dubai ranges from lavish skyscrapers to modest commercial buildings. Renting offers flexibility to relocate, while buying provides long-term stability. Opt for cost-effective coworking spaces initially or plug into infrastructure at free zones. Look for amenities, parking access and proximity to clients. However, trading globally is easier when operating as a Dubai mainland company compared to free zone entities restricted to their designated zones. Though forming a company on the Dubai mainland provides access to the Emirate’s vast market but requires a local sponsor or partner to own 51% equity.
  4. Build a skilled team:

    Dubai’s vast multinational workforce makes recruiting talent easy. But know the lay of the land – hiring qualified expats is straightforward, but minimal restrictions apply on sponsoring unsponsored foreign employees. For agility, utilize freelancers or outsourced services.
  5. Open a business bank account:

    Choosing the right bank is vital. Compare offerings from leading local banks like Emirates NBD and international ones like HSBC. You’ll need standard documents like trade licenses and signed application forms. Go beyond recommendations and find the best fit.


Professional Guidance to Help You Meet Your Goals

If you are an Entrepreneur, Business owner or a foreign investor and want to start a new business is Dubai then Our experienced business consultants can guide you through every step of establishing your company setup in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or UAE, from choosing the optimal legal structure to handling professional license and visa procedure, company registration, initial approval, finding suitable office space, business formation, opening business bank accounts, and more. 

For starting a business in Dubai, We take care of all formalities and legal paperwork so that you can focus on building your enterprise. With our localized expertise and extensive business networks, we have the knowledge and resources to turn your entrepreneurial aspirations in Dubai into reality in a compliant, streamlined and cost-effective manner.

With Business Setup Consultants, you have experienced professionals helping you figure out how to start a business in Dubai. Our specialists will guide you through the processes, so you can set yourself up for bigger success.


What are the key benefits of starting a business in Dubai?

Dubai offers strategic location advantages, a strong infrastructure, a stable economy, government support initiatives like free zones, access to a global talent pool, high quality of life, and a growing consumer market.

What business structures can I choose in Dubai?

You can operate as a sole proprietorship, limited liability company (LLC), a branch of an existing overseas firm, or set up in a free zone. Consider factors like ownership flexibility, liability, and ease of registration.

How do I obtain licenses and visas for my business in Dubai?

Register your entity and apply for relevant licenses from the Department of Economic Development. Obtain business licenses based on your activity. For hiring expat staff, sponsorship for their work residence visas is necessary.

What are the options for securing office premises in Dubai?

Office spaces in Dubai vary from skyscrapers to commercial buildings. Choose between renting for flexibility or buying for long-term stability. Consider cost-effective coworking spaces or explore infrastructure options in free zones.

How can I build a skilled team for my business in Dubai?

Dubai’s multinational workforce makes recruiting talent easy. Understand hiring regulations for expats, and consider freelancers or outsourced services for agility.

How do I open a business bank account in Dubai?

Choose the right bank, comparing offerings from local and international banks. Prepare standard documents like trade licenses and signed application forms.

Why should I seek professional guidance for starting a business in Dubai?

Professional consultants, like Business Setup Consultants, can guide you through legal structures, licensing, visa procedures, company registration, office space, and more. Their expertise ensures a compliant, streamlined, and cost-effective process.

Can Business Setup Consultants assist with all aspects of starting a business in Dubai?

Yes, they handle all formalities and legal paperwork, allowing you to focus on building your enterprise. With localized expertise and extensive networks, they turn entrepreneurial aspirations into reality in Dubai.

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