What can you say about a city that is focussed on helping entrepreneurs launch their dream projects by helping them with the seemingly elusive and much-required financial support? That it is progressive, open to innovative ideas, is ambitious and most importantly, recognises that entrepreneurs are the building blocks of the future. Initiatives at a glance

For the very first time in its history, Saudi Arabia has unveiled a series of economic reforms in the form of cuts to salaries, bonuses and perks for its government employees in a bid to slash spending amidst dipping oil prices. Public sector wages accounted for almost half of the government’s spending last year. About

FZE versus FZ-LLC

Monday, 03 October 2016 by
FZ versus FZ LLC

Dubai with its tremendous growth and development has emerged as a great destination for business start-ups from around the world. At present, there are over 22 Free Zones in the UAE, which are home to around 10,000 companies. Dubai has the largest number and has been a forerunner of sorts in this regard. You can

UAE Work Permits for Students

UAE Work Permits for Students Are you a student aged between 12-18 desiring to work in the UAE? You can now obtain a work permit for training and part time and temporary roles in the UAE private sector with written consent! The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation has issued a decree that enables both

UAE Economy Set to Grow Despite Oil Price Slump

The oil and gas industry, with its history of booms and busts, is currently experiencing its deepest oil prices drop probably since the 1990s. Oil prices have plunged, with the price of a barrel of oil, dipping by over 70 percent compared with June 2014 levels. While the price recently jumped to over $45 a

Dream of starting your own business

Business Setup Consultants – Your Premier Business Setup Provider Dream of starting your own business? Got a stellar business idea? Starting your own business can be both exciting and challenging. But what do you need to go from a dream to an official business? When it comes to establishing a foothold in the Dubai market,

How to Get New Business Idea

[indeed_popups id=2] Dreaming is a part of human nature, we all dream at night and often struggle to recall the next morning.  Some have described dreaming as our subconscious reaching out to us to help with our daily struggles. Entrepreneurs can channel their dreams to help find solutions to everyday problems. Great entrepreneurs find new

When Life Goes Left, Go Right?

Monday, 23 February 2015 by
When life goes left, go right

[indeed_popups id=2] How many of us wonder which direction we should take, or shall we just go with the flow? On a daily basis, more than 1600 people die on their desks from working too hard, stressing themselves and pushing themselves to the extreme. It turns to be an epidemic nowadays, we starve ourselves to

Now or NEVER!

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Now or Never

[indeed_popups id=2] It is time to make your dream happens. We all know Expo 2020 is approaching us and the countdown has already started from now with a golden opportunity to have your own business and to be your own boss. I, as a business consultant have seen individuals with brilliant ideas full of hope


RAK International Corporate Center (RAKICC) est une véritable entreprise industrielle et arena offre concurrentielle Zone Libre et Non libre Zone installations. RAK International Corporate Center offre industrielle et aux investisseurs l’avantage de lisser configurer de leurs opérations dans une dynamique et une synergie environnement. RAK International Corporate Center offre aux investisseurs le choix de l’établissement, soit une