The Top 5 Vendors You Need to Hire for Your Dubai Office

Vendors to Hire for Dubai Office

The Top 5 Vendors You Need to Hire for Your Dubai Office

You’ve set up your business in Dubai, you’ve moved in, you’ve hired all the employees, but it’s not over yet. You still need to cover the essential everyday needs of the office to make sure everyone is comfortable and have everything they need. No, not snacks – although those are nice too. Once setting up, you need to quickly start contracts with and contact some service providers.

The first on the list is to ensure safety standards are being met: A Fire Extinguisher Company

You need a contract with a fire extinguisher company who will come by every few months to refill your fire extinguishers and perform the legally required safety checks for fire hazards.

The second is to ensure everyone is safe in the office and the property is kept up to standards: A Maintenance Company

Starting a contract with a maintenance company is super easy and means that they will always be on call for urgent air-conditioning problems, any flickering lights, and any electrical issues. No employee wants or can sit under a flickering tube light, and no one can stand sitting in a hot office especially with the Dubai heat!

Next up is a company that will keep the smell and grime at bay: A Cleaning Company

A contract with a cleaning company in Dubai will keep everyone sane and ensure that there are always clean mugs for every employee’s morning coffee! It’s super easy to start a cleaning contract for businesses, and the prices are very competitive too. Hiring an external company to do the cleaning is also much more cost effective than hiring someone for that sole purpose when considering visa costs.

Fourth up is a company that indirectly gets your work done for you: A Stationary Company

You need to print reports, annotate them with pens and highlighters, and take notes during your morning meetings every day – and you can’t actually do that without materials (you need to provide these things to your employees). Using a single stationary provider ensures you’re never out of printer ink or paper, and you’re more likely to get a better deal than if you were to go shopping at a store. Specialised companies are able to reduce prices because there is no retail mark-up which is good news for you because your business needs stationary equipment on a regular basis.

Finally, a company that maintains the health of everyone that comes to your office: A Drinking Water Company

We all need water! It’s essential to have a stock of fresh water for your guests and staff, and it’s very easy to set this up with a company rather than having to go to the store every morning. You need to start a contract with a UAE based drinking water company (there are tons of them!), and you should specify at what frequency you need the bottles to be delivered as per your company requirements (either weekly or bi-weekly, usually).

It seems very obvious when you read it and are reminded of these things, but with everything that will be going on when you first start your new company it’s completely normal to forget the little things. So this list should help keep you on track!

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