UAE Visa-Run New Regulations

UAE Visa-Run

UAE Visa-Run New Regulations

As per UAE immigration new regulation released, all nationalities belonging to the SCHENGEN AGREEMENT they CAN NO LONGER DO VISA RUNS for all their types of visas, as they only have a 90-day visa allowance to use.  After 90 Days consumed individuals will have to exit back to their original country and re-apply new visa after 3 months from the day they exit UAE.

However, the solution for those who are willing to continue staying in UAE after consuming the 90 days’ limit is via obtaining Residency Visa as an Investor that guarantee up to 3 years’ validity without any interruptions towards their business or commitments.

Countries Listed as following are confirmed already as per the immigration:

The new law as per Dubai Naturalization & Residency Department (Immigration) will apply effective January 2016.

For more info about Residency under Investor Visa please feel free to contact our Business Consultants through the form below or email

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