General Trade License in the UAE – Dubai Trade License

general trade license

General Trade License in the UAE – Dubai Trade License

Knowing the essentialsacquiring a Dubai trade license

Before a company can start doing business in the UAE, it must produce documentation proving it has obtained a general trade license as well as all the legal permits and qualifications to operate locally. This involves a long and extensive process of submitting applications and producing proper documentation. Moreover, the requirements vary based on the type of business you are trying to establish.

For companies in the health, food, and industrial sectors, requirements are likely more extensive and standards more stringent as compared to companies involved in general trade. This is because companies in these industries are required to meet safety and health standards before being allowed to operate. If you are unfamiliar with these requirements, you will likely spend a long time trying to navigate the process.

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In Dubai, there are three license types an entity must choose from in order to operate within the legal boundaries of the city. Acquiring the right type is essential for a company to be given permission to conduct business locally. The three types are as follows:

  • Commercial License – this type is provided to companies that are structured to engage in any kind of local trading of goods or services.
  • Industrial License – this type is given to entities that are looking to engage in any type of manufacturing or industrial operation.
  • Professional License – this type is issued to professional service providers, artisans, and craftsmen.

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Licensing is performed by specific governing Dubai trade license authorities for various industries. These are the following governing licensing bodies and their particular industries:

  • UAE Central Bank – Banking and financial institutions
  • Finance and Industry Ministry – Manufacturing
  • Economy and Commerce Ministry – Insurance and related businesses
  • Health Ministry – Medical and pharmaceutical sector

For companies whose trade is in the oil and gas sector of Dubai, additional approvals and endorsements are required by other Dubai government agencies. These special requirements must be fulfilled before a company can proceed with business establishment and operations.

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