Now or NEVER!

Now or NEVER!

Now or NEVER!

It is time to make your dream happens. We all know Expo 2020 is approaching us and the countdown has already started from now with a golden opportunity to have your own business and to be your own boss.

I, as a business consultant have seen individuals with brilliant ideas full of hope and passion coming to our office seeking guidance and advice, however somewhere in the middle they stop. Yes, they give up! I would certainly relate it to many factors and obstacles that prevent such individuals to carry their dream to reality.

  • Financial struggles: 50% of these ideas die because of limited funds or capital to financially support it and bring it to life. ” I need the money …”
  • Nationality obstacle: Hard to say, but yes sometimes nationality restrictions exist. ” I don’t have a chance …”
  • Lack of confidence: These are individuals who would always hesitate and are afraid of taking the risks. ” I might lose all my money …”
  • Time commitment: For some, time is not crucial and they might care less about deadlines, so instead of doing it now, they will land up doing it 10 years later. ” It is not the right time …”

The list will go on and on with endless reasons and excuses , however for me the important part is knowing you are capable of achieving your dreams, knowing you deserve to accomplish them and believing it will happen to you and it will cost you money, time, energy and most important is to understand that it is not easy. Start a simple exercise by listing these excuses or problems you are using to hold you back from your dream and make a plan on how to tackle them.  As soon as you identify them, it will be easier to fix them and gain that commitment towards your dream to make it happen.

There are so many amazing articles and success stories to educate and inspire you on how to do this, if you need help or any sort of suggestions please feel free to get in touch with me. But trust me without facing your own fears and reaching that level of understanding that your ability of doing it is most powerful than the opportunity itself, because you and only you can create the opportunity and the happiness you are looking for.

I would certainly end my article by one of my favorite quotes by Napoleon Bonaparte.

Ability has nothing to do with opportunity.”

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