Looking to Setup Company in DED Dubai? Here’s What You Should Know about Mainland Company

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Looking to Setup Company in DED Dubai? Here’s What You Should Know about Mainland Company

Dubai Mainland is well-known for its pro-business facilities and infrastructure, which is regulated by the Department of Economic Development (DED). When establishing a business in Dubai, acquiring registration in Dubai mainland is the utmost preference of most organizations. However, there are certain dares and defies associated with setting up your business that you need to understand beforehand. Business Setup is serving as one of the leading consultancies which offer you the best services in setting up the mainland company in DED. We have rounded up all the essential details that you need to know before kick-starting your business in DED Dubai.

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What is the Mainland Company Setup in DED Dubai?

The Department of Economic Development is the business nucleus of Dubai which regulates under the jurisdiction and authority of the government of Dubai – UAE. It was established in 1992 with the foremost intention of organizing and regulating the trade and commerce of Dubai while enhancing its economic growth and department of Dubai and the United Arab Emirates across the globe. DED is primarily responsible for setting up business in Dubai mainland, registration of companies, and allotment of mainland licenses while also monitoring consumer protection and commercial compliance in Dubai.

What is the Business Setup Process in DED Dubai?

There are certain conditions that you need to consider while opting for a business setup in Dubai mainland. Firstly, you have to have a local sponsor of your business who is a UAE national. However, you can have your local sponsor as sleeping partners which means that they will not be having any interference or involvement in profit sharing as well as in business operations. You can also acquire a professional license for 100% ownership, but you will still need the local service agent. In other words, for setting up a professional business, you need to have a service agent who acts as a figurehead representative of your business, while establishing documentation, license, and legal agreement needed while having no active participation in profit sharing, business operations, and business management.

What Are the Fundamental Requirements?

When setting up business in Dubai mainland, you first need to acquire a verified official address from the Dubai Municipality. However, office space requirements tend to vary with respect to your choice of license. Additionally, being an investor it is your responsibility to confirm that a valid contract of tenancy is available for the office space, at the time when you are applying for the license. Furthermore, besides some specific activities and special approvals from particular government authorities and departments, that DED could ask you to fulfill, there are six major things you need to complete in sequence.

  • Think of your business nature and get the approval for its chosen name.
  • Find and select a suitable service agent or local sponsor for your business setup.
  • Put on the initial approval for business setup in Dubai mainland.
  • Organize all the documents related to MOA (Memorandum of Agreement) and Court Notarization.
  • Acquire the tenancy contract and office space.
  • Finally, submit all the documents to Dubai Mainland Company for the company formation in DED.

Business Setup Consultants has a team of highly qualified professionals who uphold extensive skills in how to start a business in Dubai UAE. We can help you with overcoming all the difficulties that you may come across in initiating your business. Being a leading business setup consultant, our team of professionals is ever ready to fulfill all the documentation and legal process for you at a very affordable fee. All you need is to take a minute to talk to our expert. It probably sounds complex to you, but trust us with Business Setup, you can achieve it with no stresses in the head.

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